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GTI Announces WordGrid 2.1

Glasgow, Scotland - 10 May 1996 Graham Technology & Information, Ltd. (GTI) today announced the release of the latest version of GTI WordGrid, version 2.1. This new version is available for immediate download from GTI's web site and several of the major On-line Services.

About GTI WordGrid

GTI WordGrid is a windows word puzzle game. To solve the puzzle you have to find all the words, in a word list, which are hidden inside a grid of random letters. Depending on the level you choose to play GTI WordGrid , these words may be in a straight line across, down, diagonal and/or reversed.

You can either solve the puzzle interactively on screen, or if you wish you can send the puzzle to your printer and play it using pen and paper. You can even save your puzzle to a file if you want.

New features in V2.1

Some of the many new features in V2.1 are Automatic puzzle generation from a list of predefined words, cheat button, Improved user interface (ala Windows95), improved animation, sound, larger grid size and more words per puzzle.

Downloading the shareware version of GTI WordGrid

You can obtain the Shareware version of GTI WordGrid from the following places :-

Internet Web
CompuServe PikaPro forum library S18
Cix Windows conference files_16 topic

System Requirements

GTI WordGrid will run under Windows 3.X and Windows95. It has no specific hardware requirements, but a sound card is recommended. GTI WordGrid does require vbrun300.dll though.

About GTI

GTI specialise in the development of MS Windows shareware games & utilities. GTI also provide on site consultancy service in Central Scotland & off site services worldwide via the Internet. Founded in 1994 GTI are based in Glasgow, Scotland.

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