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Complete the order form below, then you can use the submit button (at the bottom of the form) to e-mail it to GTI Software or if you prefer you can print it out and then post/fax it to GTI Software.


  (the above address must be the billing address of your credit card)
Phone Number

I would like to order :
copies of GTI Desktop+ V2.0 @ 25 per copy
copies of GTI JPEGSaver 1.2 @ 10 per copy
copies of GTI MediaSaver V1.2 @ 10 per copy
copies of GTI WordGrid V2.1 @ 10 per copy
Shipping UK & Mainland Europe @ 2 per order
" Rest of the World @ 3 per order
VAT Residents of the E.U. (only) @ 17.5%
The above prices are in Pounds Sterling(), approx exchange rates to 1 are :-
$1.65 (US Dollars)
DM 3.10 (Deutsch Marks)

Please debit my ...
Amex Eurocard Mastercard Visa
credit card with the cost of the above software.

Name on the Credit Card
Credit Card Num :
Valid from : Expiry date :

Where Did you hear about GTI Software ?

Are there any other comments you would like to make ?

If you have any problems sending this form please e-mail with the above information instead.

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